Vegan Transition with Wild Donna

This is the guide you have been looking for

a whole-food, vegan diet and lifestyle plan, that is:

  • Easy to follow,
  • Easy to stick to,
  • Gets proven results (It’s what I use!), and
  • Nourishes you without harming the earth or animals.

Inside this book you’ll find: a detailed meal plan, epic recipes, an ultimate health food pyramid, a food combining graph, shopping lists, and more for your journey into veganism. This book also provides you with guidelines and support networks that you need in order to go vegan and stay vegan for the rest of your life.

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Why Go Vegan With Wild Donna?

Why go Vegan with Wild Donna?  With 20 years of meat free experience my aim is to transition you as smoothly and joyfully as possible into your new vegan lifestyle.   I want you to live an abundant vegan life on the path to even greater success in health and life.  As your Vegan expert, I have faced and overcome most of the challenges that you would have or will come up against in your vegan transition. From being under carbed, learning to properly combine food, and managing the judgement of your family and peers. Learn More