What does a plant based bottle fed baby drink?

This! 😍🌴

vegan baby formula

Finding this yesterday inspired me to share with you a great option for babies and toddlers. Coconuts are said to be “the next best thing to breast milk” and I agree!

Ideally your baby will not ever need a breast milk supplement or replacement however in this day and age most do.

My number one go to as a replacement of your fresh Mama breast milk is a human donors breast milk. Yes that’s a real thing. 🙂 Look it up online: breast milk donor ‘insert your location’. You’ll be amazed. What a gift! The ultimate gift really, breast milk.

My next best recommendation after 6 months, after mothers milk has run out, after you’ve tried for a donor and couldn’t get one… is this:

Coconut Milk

How to make it:
If you take the flesh from a coconut and blend it and use a nut bag ($1 on ebay) to separate the fibre from the liquid. Mixin fresh spring or filtered water for desired taste, satiation and ease for going through the bottle tete.

Where to buy it pre made:
The company who made this drink (it tastes like paradise!!) are based in Sydney. I purchased this for $9 from a smoothie bar in Byron Bay Industrial Estate last week.

A cheaper option please Donna:
Totally! You can buy 100% pure (read the label!) coconut milk for around $2-3. Pour into bottle until 1/5 full of coconut milk and then add filtered or fresh spring water.

No need for added nutrients or sweeteners. It’s a perfect food. Plant based and delicious!







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