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Food Dynamics for Weight Loss


And the power of…


”The Taste and Flavour Solution”


Learn how to select foods with body-shaping properties, ignite those properties, and make them super-satisfying, without adding any unhealthy calories.



You have spent years carrying extra, uncomfortable kilos. It’s time to get rid of that weight, forever.

”The Taste and Flavour Solution” gives you:


Simple steps to eat for ultimate weight loss results


My top 2 weight loss hacks


Food combination directions to get you the quickest weight loss results


Tips for staying on track with this new way of eating


Support to eat out and not miss out


To snack or not to snack


How to never need to count calories again


How much water is optimum for weight loss


Supplements and shakes and why you don’t need them


Weight gain myths debunked


Weight loss myths debunked


The formula to staying slim for the rest of your life


The bad news is, most people make 5 Major Mistakes when trying to lose weight and keep off the weight, sabotaging their natural health and beauty.

Learn how to AVOID these MISTAKES and be slim again.

Saturday, 1st of April, 1:30-4:30 pm

Institute for Learning Professionals (ILP)

17 Gould Road, Herston

Qld 4006

With your notebook open and your mind ready to absorb, Donna Wild will share the FIRST HALF of “The Taste & Flavour Solution” workshop:

– The 5 Steps you need to Lose Weight FAST and build your dream body.

Donna has worked with a great variety of people—with differing weights and differing life experiences—and she gets results!

This is the FIRST HALF of her 2-Day Workshop – and the 5 Steps are REVEALED!


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start your Journey to body shaping.

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