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I felt to do something really special for you this Mothers Day. Some of you like me are experiencing Mothers Day for only the first, second or third time and some of you have had many (I consider this my third as I consider a pregnant woman a Mother). Either way, I want you to feel as special today as you did the first day that you saw your child and held her/him in your arms. I believe we can tap back into that feeling whenever we chose to by bonding deeply with our little ones and by making healthy choices that are in alignment with the planet and ourselves with our littles ones, connecting us to (God, source, the Universe, Mother Earth, our truth) our hearts. In order to support you in this, I have created this Easy Plant-Based Recipes ebook, the whole family will enjoy it. It has super simple video recipes because I know you are super busy, we all are us, Mums. Easy Plant-Based Recipes for the whole family to enjoy.

If you have any questions at all about the recipes please post them below. I would love to hear from you.

Have a most connected, fun, spontaneous and nourished day dear Mamma.

Here is your free Mothers day gift from Ever and I: Easy Plant Based Recipes for the whole family to enjoy

If you have Mum friends and family then please share it with them too.

Happy Mother and child day. Happy #‎wildrecipesharethursday‬. See you next week.




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