It is my honor to introduce to you someone very dear to me. A man who inspires me daily! A very, very good man. My friend Jami House.

Salsa saved my soul – Jami House, the short story
Leading into 2007 I was an extremely fit, active, healthy and high achieving 30 year old with a promising career, and a committed salsa dancer. During 2007 I was involved in an accident that saw my life instantly change. I withdrew from nearly everything I did and everyone I knew. Due to a misdiagnosis I had no idea what was going on and no specialist I saw could make sense of all my bazzar complaints. It took over 3 years to finally be diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Not good, but at least then I could begin to understand and manage my many impairments and attempt to piece some sort of life back together. The one thing I’d still dreamed of being able to do was to dance salsa again, so in 2011 it began.
Fighting with severe fatigue, head aches, depression and acute anxiety it took months to be able to get through a 1 hour salsa lesson, but I was relentless and as soon as I could do more I did. Now 18 months along salsa has gone from being a brain straining ordeal to my daily therapy. With much support and input from Donna Wild my dancing is beyond where it ever was before my brain injury. I have choreographed a salsa routine which has been performed at various Latin events and to watch me on stage no one would know of my many impairments, but maybe it’s time they did. Maybe I can inspire and help others with lifestyle changing impairments through what I have managed to accomplish as a dancer with impairments?
I am hungry for more. Salsa is now what I live for. I want to take it as far as I can and hope to help inspire people with impairments along the way. Less than 2 years ago I was still a complete mess. Now give me a dancing challenge and I’m ready….
This weekend Jami and Laura received first place at the Australia Salsa Open NSW qualifiers. In a fortnight they will compete against all of Australia’s best to win a place a the Puerto Rican World Salsa Championships!
Best wishes Jami and Laura from all of us at Wild Studio and Byron Bay Dance!!! Kick butt!