Need somewhere that you can happily dine with your meat eating family? I can not imagine a more perfect place!

Why? Because if you make it past the Vegetarian signage on the window and take a seat, there is no sign that it is a vegetarian restaurant. The menu doesn’t say ‘faux duck’, ‘faux chicken’ or ‘faux pork’ it simply says ‘pork dumplings’, ‘chicken drumsticks’, ‘fried rice with bacon’, etc.. My sister asked “Are you really sure this is vegetarian Donna?” as she pointed at the menu to bring it closer to my attention… I was sure. 🙂You can see from these pics that the restaurant is not short of variety. The menu is massive! Possibly the biggest menu I have ever seen! And each dish looks amazing and resembles (and tastes- though it has been 19 years since I’ve eaten any flesh) that which it is said to… The bacon tastes just like bacon, the pork tastes just like pork and the chicken drumsticks taste just like chicken drumsticks. And yet in the air is only a fresh smell of cooking spices and teas. A perfect world…

My sister and I have very different tastes for food. The above was her favorite which was a pork dish with a sweet gluten free dressing instead of it’s usual soy sauce dressing.And the chicken drumsticks were my favorite! At this moment my nephew said to me: “Why is there a stick in the chicken?” He thought chickens always had bones… not this one Baby!

This was my attempt at looking omnivorous. What do you think? Pft… I’m such a frugivore (an animal that thrives on fruit, vegetables and some nuts, seeds and grains)!

Coconut ice-cream with berries.When you see the menu you’ll remember that this is a tea house because the tea menu is HUGE! So many beautiful teas to chose from. We went with traditional Chinese tea. 

This is the most under priced restaurant that I have ever come across!

Yum Cha $5 each

Main meal $8

Tea $3.50 (all of them even the jumbo sized taro ball ice teas, etc..)

So if you’re on a budget head over now! You can make this place your second home. I couldn’t eat at home for much cheaper than this. In fact my sister and I spoke to the owners:

Donna: You’re prices are too low…

Business Owner: Yes, that drink is $5 in the supermaket and we sell for $3.50

Donna and sister: *silent and stunned*

As far as tastes this place will explode in your mouth! Every meal was a new and exciting flavor. Some sweet dishes, some salty, all scrumptious!

Take your family here! Vegetarian or not they will love it! The surrounds are clean and simple with award winning art pieces by the Lady who runs Kuan Yin. Kids are welcome. There is such a lovely feel to this place, it is a family run business and they all work together beautifully. I was warmed to see them (when the restaurant went quiet) at around 3pm all sit down at the same table and with smiles share lunch together.

Check this out, they cater too and it looks amazing!

My tip: GET THE CHICKEN DRUMSTICKS! They’re nothing short of spectacular.

My sisters tip: Get the pork.

Every meal we ate and every photo on this page is vegan and gluten free. An abundance of options for even the chosiest eaters.

Kuan Yin

Shop 2, 152 Scarborough Street.

Southport, QLD 4215

(07) 5511 5121


~Life Dancer~