On the left: Me at 21 years old. I didn’t keep any photo’s of me at my ‘worst’. But I was (many times) up to 13 kgs over my ideal weight, sick and uncomfortable and I sure didn’t glow.
On the right: Me and my daughter August 2016. I’m 35 years old, thriving and glowing from the inside out and so is that ray of sunshine on my back.

Hey Wild Ones!

You know that gorgeous, glowing feeling you get when you know you’re in good health—and you can feel it too?

Well, it’s not just in your head…health and looking good really are closely linked.

That special “glow” some people have? It comes from carotenoids in fruits and vegetables, which, according to science, make faces more attractive. Given before and after shots of people who have transitioned to eating more plant foods, most observers found the plant-eaters more attractive.

In a test group of college students observed for six weeks, increasing consumption of fruit and veg from three servings to at least nine enhanced skin tone—and it’s possible that even smaller changes would have a similar effect!

Sometimes we have to appeal to people’s vanity to get them to make the right choices, you know? Many in the public health sector are hoping that this research (in addition to findings that eating more plants may improve one’s sexual/romantic odds) will encourage more people to eat healthier.

What’s the recommended daily servings of fruit and veg for your sexiest body and most beautiful face? At least 13.

Eat up! 😉

Want more resources to explore the incredible potential of a plant-based (or plant-centered!) diet? Check out Wild Nutrition: Your 30-Day Revolution to Plant-Based Vitality, and start thriving— and glowing—today!



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