This is my before and after pics from vegetarian to vegan to plant based to post baby. ;p Brace yourself!



This is me. 21 years old and at my prime? Not even close. I’d say misserable, completely unhealthy and obviously overweight. I was vegetarian and had been for 10 years. I loved fruit, yoghurt and cheese. This was the year before I went vegan. I had quit dancing (my life long passion) due to arthritis and simply not making it in the industry as I was sick (bloated constantly and riddled with arthritis) oh and “big boned”. I was a gym gunkie 6-7 days up to 3 hours of exercise a day. Plus I had a personal trainer.
This is the only photo of me that I have of this time, I never kept photos of me because I couldn’t stand them. Now I wish I had them to share with you. Maybe they’re come out of the wood works now. I have this pic because I reunited with a friend this week who I haven’t seen since then and she sent me this pic as well as a couple of others. Bless her. Lol.


This was the year after I went vegan. I was 23. This is the year I began latin dance also. Up until then it was the best year of my life.


Here I am 28 and this is the year I began a high raw diet (100% vegan still), I also stopped using leather, feather and all animal tested cosmetics. This year I felt happiness and health at levels I had never experienced before.


This is when I was 32 and 3 weeks pregnant with Ever Love. I had been eating up to 3000 calories of fruit and vegetables every day for the last 4 years and didn’t get to experience the fun of “trying” to make a baby with Troy because we succeeded on the first go. #milk


This is when I was 34 and my daughter was 4 month old. It was at a dance festival in Byron Bay, Australia, my first time back to dancing since I moved to Cairns 2 years earlier. I felt fitter and more alive that I had on the dance floor even 2 years and 1 baby earlier.


This is when I was 34 at the Australian Latin Dance Championships in Sydney Australia. My daughter had recently turned 1.


And this is where I’m at now ;p This was a couple months ago as is the one below.

The moral of me posting all this is that if you do what you’ve always done then you’ll get what you always got. If you’re sick, change. If you’re sad, change. If you’re fat, change. And if you are content and slim and healthy… stay open to change. 😉

The greatest mile stones in my life were around what I eat in a day. The way we treat animals in their lifetime and in their murder for our food is all ingested. We are not genetically made to cope with that and we don’t. To tune into your ultimate beingness Go Vegan. It’s so simple. Feel free to make mistakes (God knows I did! Vegans can be fat and unhealthy too! Those pics are all on my Donna Wild FB timeline for you to see anytime as well and this is why I wrote a book called Vegan Diet Meal Plan).

With Food Dynamics for Weightloss: The Taste and Flavour Solution, you’ll find all the facts, all the resources and all the delicious recipes you need to explore the incredible benefits of this lifestyle. Come learn and thrive with me today!

For you, the planet and the animals make this year the best of your life.


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