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“Where will he get his protein?”

“How do I know it’s enough protein?”

“Is there enough protein in a Plant Based diet?”

Hi Wild One,

The belief that protein from animal is required, is the reason that diseases among humans are increasing. Bold statement? Well, contrary to popular belief the human body requires only very small amounts of protein. According to Dr. Colin T. Campbell, author of the China Study, the percentage of protein that the body requires is 10% of daily calories (from plants) while the average person in the West is eating well over that and from animal protein not plants. Down right dangerous!

Plant protein is neither incomplete nor inadequate by any means. In fact, it is superior. It is high-fiber, low fat and cholesterol. Animal protein is associated with increased risk of heart disease, loss of calcium from bones, and poor kidney function. 
Nutritionists agree that adults who consume about 2,000 calories per day of fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and/or legumes will get the required 50 grams of protein. A cup of chickpeas contains 12 grams of protein. In fact, fruit and veggies alone will do the job. Any vegan diet that includes a variety of plant foods provides all the protein, an individual needs. This is true for adults, teens, and children. So when you’re asked, “But where will your child get her protein Plant Based Mama?”, you can answer “From all of the whole plants she eats.” Simple.

The body manufactures protein the instant fruit amino acids enter the system via glands at the back of the tongue. These amino acids stimulate both the brain and body, while the tongues fluid extracts fruit enzymes. Then the bodies natural hydrochloric acid in conjunction with citric acid, fructose, and oxygen and information received from the pancreas via the nervous system, create protein on a cellular level. But you knew that already right? 😉

The body creates different types of protein for different parts of the body, the brain, heart, lungs, muscles, liver, kidneys, blood, pancreas, the nervous system, etc., all require different types of protein. The body also manufactures energy from fructose which it converts into glucose then into energy.

All fruit is excellent for nutrition. Every variety has cleansing and healing properties. And now that you know a plant-based diet has all the protein your beautiful body requires, you need to look no further. Embrace your favourite fruits, treat yourself to your fresh food cravings and live in abundance.

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And as always, I want to hear from you. Do you still have concerns about cutting out animal protein? Let me know in the comments below.