Last night I had the honor of judging the Australian Salsa Open, Queensland state titles. What a great event! Big congratulation to Krin Bajough the creator of the event and a long time friend of mine, Gustavo of Chukale and Jean-Luc of Dou Doule Latin Dance Camp for running a beautiful event as they always do. I had a great night! Huge congratulations too to all of the competitors. Your beautiful dancing and beautiful attitudes made for a heart warming and exciting competition!

As I was judging I wasn’t able to take pic’s of the actual performances so head over to the Australian Salsa Open face book page for them.

The prizes.

Shaw and Krin

Jean-Luc steaming things up in preparation of the night ahead…

The judging panel. An absolutely adorable group of people. In order myself, Roberto, Veronika, Helen and Debby aka Debilicious.

These are the amazing ladies behind everything that happened during the event. Calm and efficient no matter what and always with time for a warm smile. Fantastic.


This is just one couple of the many talented champions from the night. They were the only ones I managed to pass while their trophy was in their hands and my camera was in my hands. This couple have hearts even bigger than this trophy. Always a pleasure seeing success that is driven by heart…

Good luck to all competitors across Australia competing at their state titles over the next month! See you in Sydney for the Nationals!