Food Dynamics  ba-2


And the power of…

”the taste and flavour solution”

How to select foods with body-shaping properties,

Ignite those properties and then make them super

Satisfying- without adding any unhealthy calories.



was brought up with meat and three vegetables for dinner and meat-filled sandwiches for lunch.

By age twelve, I was riddled with aches and pains in my joints and tummy. After visiting every nutritionist, chiropractor and doctor in town, I was diagnosed with juvenile arthritis. I was medicated until my stomach lining split just twelve months later.

That was the end of medication for me—but not, unfortunately, the pain.

When I was sixteen, specialists diagnosed me as rheumatoid arthritic.

In my entire body and said I would be crippled by the time I was twenty-two. I was 13 kilograms overweight at the time.

Today, I’m a Mum to a two-year-old, an Australian salsa dance champion, a published author and speaker and created Food Dynamics so that I can teach people to select foods with body-shaping properties, ignite those properties and then make them super satisfying. The result.. People are living with their dream bodies!

I believe compassion is sexy. I suffer when I see the way humans treat animals, and so I work to empower families to eat in harmony with nature. By eradicating confusion around food and enabling bodies to thrive, I hope to help animals to be free and Mother Nature to flourish.

healthy veganlive on the exact program that I recommend to you. I take 100% responsible for my body weight and shape, and because of that I have over ten thousand followers across my online networks who are currently exploring or already transitioned to this taste and flavour solution and living with their ideal bodies too.

I wish to share with you the lifestyle revolution that changed—and continues to change—my life in so many wonderful ways.


With my experience transitioning from a standard diet, and with the tens of thousands of hours I’ve put into learning about nutrition and human bodies, I’ve been able to create an amazing program.


That’s my story, but this is about you!


From free blogs and recipes, full-length books (coming in February) and this intensive 30-day program.

I offer something for everybody, and every lifestyle. I want to meet you where you are, so that you can start discovering your sexiest body, craving free, with a bustling metabolism today!

What are you waiting for? Your ideal body weight, metabolism and true satisfaction during meals is waiting for you!


I look forward to sharing this journey with you!





Mother of an angel born 18th May 2014

Australian Latin Dance Cup winner 2015

Hay House Published Author 2017