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Considering the nature of my work, guiding you to greater health and well-being through a vegan lifestyle, I thought it appropriate to outline the values that are important to me as part of introducing myself.
  • Honesty: With honesty I believe we would be living in peace, mindfully thriving every day and so I chose to be the change I wish to see in the world. “If slaughter houses had glass walls, we would all be vegetarian.” Anonymous.
  • Trust: I demonstrate confidential and sensitive handling of all information I attain through Wild Donna.
  • Integrity: I stand by my work and my choice to create a more peaceful and abundant world, one vegan at a time.
  • Success: I am 100% committed to my clients’ success – which brings my own success in return.
  • Understanding: I seek to understand before being understood.
  • Reliability: I do what I say I will do.
  • Vegan: I am 100% Vegan from diet to lifestyle to the best of my ability. I am proudly and confidently living a cruelty free existence.
  • Fun: I see challenges as opportunities and enjoy every day in the knowing that my work is changing lives for the better.

Yes my pass port has my name, Donna Wild on it. Most of my time is enjoyed abroad, though my home base is Cairns, Australia. My passions are food, health, happiness and all sorts of strenuous activities! :) Like dance, gym, running, snow boarding, the list goes on… I love sharing with you my journey to greater health and well-being through an abundant vegan lifestyle in order to inspire health, well-being and passion into yours!

It would be a pleasure to have you join me and my Wild Bodies friends, living a life of health, abundance and hotness. You can subscribe to updates via email on or follow along on Face BookTwitterGoogle+ and Instagram!

I am always open to comments on my posts… if there is something you want to know, ask… if there is something you would like to read about and you haven’t found it on my blog, request it, if you just happen to be traveling nearby, say G’day and if you wish to go Vegan, live in abundant health and have the body of your dreams… you’re in the right place! Click here!

~Life Dancer~

Donna Wild

Vegan    Activist    Writer    Mother    Dancer    Traveler